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Giovanna Bruschi - Rodolfo Matulich

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Giovanna Bruschi

Music composer, films producer, music supervisor:

Giovanna Bruschi is an italian music film composer and producer.

She has producted the movie Dirty Fears with fampus actors as Eric Roberts

and Michael Madsen distribuited by High Octane Pictures ,she has also

producted the movie “The Final code” with Sally Kirkland and Burt Young.

She has composed original motion picture soundtrack for the movie

Dirty Fears , she has been music assistant orchestrator for the movie “Scarlett”

in Budapest with the Budapest films orchestra and music assistant for the short

movie “Santa Fina's yellow violets” that has won Montecarlo prize for the best

music soundtrack

She has been music assistant for the movie “The Big Jump” with “Sigma

Films Austria” with producer Heinz Stussak (oscar candidate for the movie

“Revanche”) and music assistant fot the mocvie “Paradise Valley” distribuited

by Adler Entertainment.

She has composed the song “My voice” recorded with Budapest films orchestra.




Rodolfo earned a degree in piano at the Music Conservatory of Alessandria, Italy, a Ph.D. degree in composition at the Ecole de Sorbon and he attained a major course at the Berklee College of Music of Boston. He specialized in Film Scoring with the Maestro Ennio Morricone at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena.

He has recorded music for EMI Records, Warner Music Group, Crisler Music and composed soundtracks for the feature films “Russian Beauty” distributed by Medusa Italy (Mediaset Group), "Joy, jokes of Joy" starring Catherine Spaak and Philippe Leroy and “Santa Fina’s yellow violets”. He has also composed the soundtrack for the thriller film “Scarlett”.

His most recent work is the "Symphony of the Cross" for orchestra dedicated to his holiness Pope John Paul II, which contains a text written by Karol Wojtyla himself, distributed by Warner Music (WEA) often broadcasted by the Vatican Radio and by Radio Maria. He also released the internationally acclaimed solo piano CD record “Crystal Dreams”.

Rodolfo received a nomination for Best Soundtrack “Russian Beaty” at the Italian awards David of Donatello. He won the “Angel Film Festival” of the Principality of Monaco for Best Music Soundtrack for the film “Santa Fina's yellow violets”. Recently is music supervisor of 5.0 entertainment studios London-New York

What they say about him:

“Wonderful orchestration with fantastic harmonization”

Gabriel Yared
Academy Award Winner composer

“Great music talent”

Giuseppe Tornatore
Academy Award Winner director

“Rodolfo is one of the best music talent, he writes various style and his music its amazing”

Warner Music Dep Italy

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