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Raffaele Rinciari

Genre Various
Country Italy
Tags christmas action piano acoustic


Pianist, Composer, Music Producer.

Musical author for the Mediaset and Rai television networks for about 30 years. He writes all types of music for television, film and theater. His compositions are used daily in numerous Italian and foreign television programs, in advertising and in cinema. He has composed music for the best international production companies: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sky, Dream World Movies, Taoduefilm, Marcopolo, Focus.

He adopts every type of compositional writing, from the traditional one, working on the musical idea on the piano and then orchestrating and arranging everything for the direction of the orchestra. Or simulating symphony orchestras, using the best virtual instruments of the highest professional level.

He loves mixing acoustic instruments with electronics, as well as experimenting with new sounds that help give richness and enhance the song

He is the author of theme tunes for television programs that are broadcast daily on Italian and foreign television. There are many large international brands that have chosen his music: Wind, Algida, Rimmel, Golden Poit, Premium Mediaset, Levis Jeans ... and many others.
He is the author of the music in Films with internationally renowned actors such as Michael Madsen (Quentin Tarantino) and Erik Roberts (Julia Roberts' brother). He is the winner of numerous international competitions, including Los Angeles Web Fest for the best music in the documentary "Crisi Criminale" produced by Kubrik Produzioni.

In his free time he plays and has fun with his lifelong friends from the group "IL BOOM". Italian swing band of which he is the author and performer of two albums (present on Spotify), with which he plays the piano and sings, performing in many Italian concerts in the best locations, including the Blue Note in Milan.

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