We create music, mix tracks, and add effects as needed.

MT Studio Music Production


The studio has two rooms of 20 mq. each one for the recording of instruments or voices that need microphone separation.
The control room is equipped with the most common listening standards. The technology used offers multi-track recordings with 24bit 192 khz signal conversion.

The mixing is carried out with the help of the dynamics processor and professional hardware and software signal. Microphone footage is precise and crystal clear thanks to top quality tube preamplifiers.

. Computer Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon computer 2 x 3.06 Ghz 16 Gb processor

. Software: Logic Pro X  - Sibelius – Celemony

. Plug in: Melodyne4, Waves  Analog Modeled (Compressor, Gates, Equalizers, Effect, Limiters, Reverb, Delays, Guitar Plugins, DeEssers…)

. Original Sound Libraries for Cinema Sound :
 Native Instrument Bundle Komplete Ultimate 12 (Collection Edition 2019), East West: Symphonic Choirs, Symphonic Orchestra Gold – Platinum, Goliath, Gypsy, Ministry Of Rock, Stromdrum, Spectrasonic: Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus RMX,  8Dio Cellos e Clarinet, Cinematic Strings, Cineharp, LA scoring strings, Orchestral Tools, Cinesamples, Project Sam Symphobia 1 – 2 – 3 Lumina, Vienna Symphonic, Cinamatique instruments, Noire Piano, Evolve Sinth, Evolve Mutation 1 – 2 and much more…

. Mackie ONYX 1640 mixer – i

. Monitor: Dynaudio LYD 48

. Microphones:  Neuman U87 i, Sennheiser, Shure sm 58,

. Avalon 737 tube preamp

. AKG headphones - SONY

. Master Keyboard N.I Komplete Kontrol S 88
. Electric Piano Korg Stage Vintage SV1



2018: starts the collaboration between Rodolfo Matulich, pianist, composer, conductor and Raffaele Rinciari. The two masters complete each other and give life to pieces of actual breath. Matulich writes and directs in a classical way for symphony orchestra, meanwhile Rinciari perfects the works using new electronic sounds and current compositional techniques. The end result is of great impact and sound enrichment. The two masters made for Luigi Boccia the music of "Scarlett, Impossible to escape", his film released in the first months of 2018, produced by DreamWorld Movies, in where Matulich used the Budapest National Orchestra to record the pieces and then together with Rinciari delicately chiseled each piece with electronic sounds. And recently also the Austrian director Ernst Kaufmann has noticed the potential of the two composers calling them to realize the soundtrack of the documentary "The Big Jump", and here too the result is a new soundtrack very close to the sounds of action films set to music by great Hans Zimmer-style musicians.

In 2019 they collaborate with the director Carlo Fusco on the soundtrack of the films "Paradise Valley" and "Dirty Fears". The latter with the participation of Michael Madman (one of the favorite actors and often called by Q. Tarantino in his films) and the Nomination Golden Globe and Oscar winner 1984, Eric Roberts (brother of Julia).

To find out more the links of the two composers:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHfTQi4OoiA (ITA)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDiq7FFJU7c (ENG)



Production from A to Z

Realization of 12 original songs of light music. For each song the work will be the following:  identification of the musical genre and the line to follow for all the work. From the conception of music and metrics to insert the text, to the audition and drafting to give the idea of ​​the piece and to be able to sing it in the right key of the artist.

.Realization and careful study of the texts with the help of qualified authors of our Cultural Association, some already known who have already written for famous singers alternating them with young talents.

. Pre-production in the MusicTeam studio with computers and acoustic instruments (guitars, drums, basses, violins) as well as choruses: it is the most complex work because it must give the mood of the song to the musicians who will then play live in the studio and live.

. Final recording in the studio, also with the support of the band. In this phase we realize all the music that will be included in the CD (also backing tracks). Taking as a reference the pre-production and with the contribution of the Association's musicians, we will arrive at a precise definition of the sounds and arrangements for the whole project.

. Post-production in the MusicTeam studio for adding choirs, woodwinds, keyboards and effects. At this stage of the work, the effects and sounds that each song will require are added to the work done in the studio with the musicians.

. Disc mixing and mastering for optimal listening. It is the final work of the project. Once "passed" to this production, the disc will have a sound dynamic suitable for the quality standards required by the major national radio networks and not only.

. Professional photo shoot with external expert fashion support, for a look appropriate to the character defined by the tracks on the disc: with the help of Jusmine, our expert stylist (who comes from Russia) residing in Milan and head of the atelier Vivienne Westwood. With her contribution, the definitive look of the artist will be defined for the photographs of the CD, posters, brochures, etc.

. Graphic design of the CD by our team of expert graphic designers who have created covers of well-known characters: Vasco Rossi, Zucchero, Ramazzotti and many others.

Video of the launch piece made in Kroma Kye In the MusicTeam studio it is possible to use our tarpaulin (5 meters x 3) to make the HD video of the launch song, to be put on the internet (YouTube and more) but also to be sent to private televisions. It works like this: the artist sings in playback in the Kroma Kye room in front of the blue cloth illuminated by the lights.


Recording services

Our services for the record sector are for the major or independent record and publishing houses, as well as at artists who want to develop their own music project.


  • Composition of original songs of all kinds:
  • Texts in Italian, English, Spanish.
  • Digital multitrack recording.
  • Mixing and Mastering.
  • Consultancy for promotion, printing and duplication of audio CDs, CD roms, DVDs.
  • Online music distribution.

Study services

    • SOUNDPROOFING: composition of original music for the soundtrack’s fiction, films, documentaries, video productions, industrial films, television and radio programs, short films and feature films, also on themes (sounds of nature, atmospheres ...). It also has numerous unreleased tracks of its production, of the highest quality, also played live, of all musical genres (see demo mp3).
      • CINEMA: soundtracks for films, short films, wide variety of styles and musical genres, studied for cinematographic productions. Ability to synchronize music to images.
      • THEATRE: creation and production of original music for theatrical and dance theater performances.
      • RADIO AND TV:  radio communications, acronyms and instrumental and text-based backgrounds. For TV: cartoons, deadlifts, musical comments of any kind and duration for radio and TV. Musical backgrounds of all kinds.
      • ADVERTISING: study and design for the creation of advertising jingles.
      • JINGLES: conception, creation and realization of original music for advertising. Creation of music and sound effects directly on advertising films, synchronization.

Study and realization of sound and sound design for commercials.

  • FASHION SHOWS: creation and production of original music for sound parades, fashion presentations, showrooms also with live orchestra.  
  • MULTIMEDIA: Music, original loops for Cd Rom or other multimedia works such as Internet sites, video games in any format / digital medium: mp3, aif etc.  
  • SPEAKER: Mother tongue speaker in Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, German, for synchronized voiceovers. 
  • SONGS: Creation and realization of backing tracks and song lyrics. Arrangements, reinterpretations, orchestrations and writing musical scores of songs.

Master on any medium: CD, Dat, Cassette or digital format.