Songs and arrangements

“The song is like a tailored dress. You have to feel it to feel good about yourself ...”

We create original unpublished songs. For each piece the work is as follows: identification of the musical genre and the line to follow for all the work, starting from the first idea of music, metrics and the text, to the audition and realization of the draft to give the mood of ​​the piece and to be able to sing it in the right key. New songs, music and unpublished texts of any kind: from pop to rock, from dance to opera! Or new genres specially created for your voice, in English or Italian, for singing competitions and for recording projects, for a CD you want to give yourself ... or just for a demo.

We create and careful study the texts..

We use qualified and well-known authors, who have already written for famous singers, or young talents who have a great desire to transfer your emotions into music. If, on the other hand, you write the texts yourself ... there is no problem!

Studio pre-productions.

We offer pre-production in the studio, with a Mac pro and the best sounds sampled with the latest plug-ins as well as acoustic instruments (guitars, drums, basses, violins) and choirs.

This is the most complex work because it must give the idea to follow to the musicians who will then play live in the studio or in your concerts.

Final recording in analog / digital studio..

In this phase, all the music that will be included in the CD (backing tracks) will be realized with the contribution of the musicians will lead to a precise definition of the sounds and arrangements for the whole project.

Mixing and MasteringMixing and Mastering of the disc for optimal listening and radio. It is the very important final work to finish the project. The disc once "passed" to this process, will play very well especially for the quality standards required by national radio networks.

Graphic creation of the CD Careful study of the project by an expert music graphic designer. Obviously your ideas are very precious to give the right graphic contribution to the whole project.

Distribution of the CD in digital format on 400 channels in 92 countries (from I-Tunes, Dada etc ...). If you want to make yourself known all over the world, today is no longer a problem with digital distribution. The costs are negligible compared to the classic distribution in record stores.

Professional Video in Kroma Key Realization in studio of a video in high definition (HD) to promote the CD's main song and insert it in the major web channels to make you known all over the world. The technique of the Kroma Key (blue cloth in the background of the filming, allows during the video editing phase (with professional programs: Apple's Final Cut - Motion) to insert any moving place and environment around the artist. For example, it was used by Shakira in the video Waka Waka (you can see the African desert and indigenous dance corps in the background).

Shooting service Shooting service created by Vittorio our professional photographer specialized in artistic musical photographs. The possibilities are manifold: In the studio with the right and perfect lights (also using the Kroma Key sheet) or outdoors, including foreign countries.


Unpublished songs

New songs, unpublished music and lyrics of any kind: from pop to rock, from dance to opera! Or new genres specially created for your voice. In English or Italian, for singing competitions and recording projects or just for a demo. Professional composers and text authors are at your service. Personalized study of the artist: identification of genre and text. Identification of the world and the right look for music. Professional videos with music direction. Recording with real or virtual instruments of the highest quality. If you have a musical idea even just sung or a text you want to music with an orchestration appropriate to the genre, we are able to meet your needs in a very short time at the highest quality!


Remake the look of your repertoire!

MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!  Enough with MIDI FILES! If you are a musician, also a non-professional singer and you want to present yourself in a different and professional way, arrangements and bases with sounds "out of the choir" we will help you express yourself better in your evenings and grow artistically.

MusicTeam creates professional arrangements and backing tracks on songs already composed, played or sung. If you have a repertoire on bases and you are not satisfied, or your band needs some freshening up in the arrangements, we are at your disposal. Real instruments, or championships that seem real, backing vocals and real guitars ... we also create sequences to play in a more complete and professional way.

  • Basic arrangement: piano or guitar only;
  • Flat arrangement: rock band;
  • De luxe arrangement: complete orchestra


(demo “Girl from Ipanema” and “Never can say good bye”).