Smart Audio Set for aperitifs

Smart Audio Set for aperitifs elegant column systems, consisting of sub (HK 2x 10 ") and 2 satellites above the sub (DB Opera 10)

spy monitor for the band, Microphones for jazz drum sets, Various microphones also wireless for speech.

Various supports Console 16/24 ch digital Thomann DM20 or Yamaha 01.

Technician / sound engineer in tow.

Big Audio Set for dinner, Dinner Show and Concerts

elegant column systems, consisting of a Turbosound audio system, Digico sd11 mixer,

Crown Power Amplifiers - Qsc, Compressors - Equalizers, Digital Splitter,

2X1 platforms for small or large stage.

Network electrical equipment also for the 380, extension panels and services for the band. Cables and anything else safely and hidden by partitions and / or fairleads for guests' visibility.

L I G H T S   S E R V I C E


Smarbat battery-powered wireless led lights with remote control.

Bistro lights

Lights Show

Basic stage lights only on the band, or on the whole area of the event. American, high power led headlights, DMX controller.


Bistro lights


Lights Set for dinners, Dinner Show/Dee Jay and concerts

Sagitter Quarz 300 color changing moving heads or Clay Paky Alpha 700 moving heads or Showtec Shark Zoom on 2 stands and / or American ones.

Par 56 of 300 with each Dimmer controller. Related stands 3m Hercules lifts. Or 6 mt Wincer. Optionally: Fog machine


B A C K   L I N E


Equipped with any type of professional instrumentation.


Black or white grand piano transport and tuning

Alternatively, keyboard or electronic piano with weighted keys.