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Andrea Massaria

Genre Various
Tags piano


Andrea Massaria is a piano accompanist for dance and a freelance composer: both work experiences  have led him to explore the fields of free improvisation and digital music. His musical language, which is influenced by Postminimalism and Film Music, may be considered a fusion of neoclassical gestures and electronic sounds, without there being a clear boundary between the two musical worlds.

He studied Piano, Composition and Orchestral Conducting at the Conservatorio “F. Torrefranca” in Vibo Valentia, at the Conservatorio “G. Verdi” in Milano and at the Hochschule “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden.

As a Pianist and Conductor, he has performed in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and England.
As a Composer and Arranger, he has had works performed in several festivals, such as: Epta Italy, V Festival Pianistico Internazionale “Liszt and Friends”, Festival Musicale delle Nazioni al Teatro Marcello, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Filarmonica Laudamo, etc.
His music is published by OMK-Da Vinci Edition in Osaka.

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